Why I Chose Re-Design

Me, Bill and the pups at home

Me, Bill and the pups at home

written by Gail Adkins

I chose to specialize in the art of redesign intentionally. I want my clients to have homes that look beautiful. That’s the easy part. What isn’t always so easy? Having a home that feels right. Give anyone with good taste and a wad of money and they’ll end up with a lovely room. And that’s awesome.

Until it isn’t.

Most of us don’t have a wad of cash and if we do, it’s likely earmarked for things like college tuition, retirement, a wedding or family vacation.

Second and more important (to me anyway) is what I refer to as the live-ability factor. Part of what delights me in my work is the way people feel after we’ve made the changes. I often hear feedback, like “it feels right or it feels like us.” Nothing makes me happier than knowing a client is going to be truly happy and comfortable in their home.

That’s why I do what I do.

Like you, I can spend hours looking at homes on Houzz or paging through the latest design magazine. I love seeing how others are using color and texture to make an impact. It inspires me to think about space differently when I see a collection that’s been artfully arranged or photos that tell a story.

What’s missing?

Real people. Everyday life. Yes, I love the idea of a picture perfect home until the time comes to actually – you know – LIVE in it.

You may have had a mom or grandmother who had a formal living room that was strictly off limits. It was picture perfect and nothing was going to change that; especially kids or pets. Maybe, when “company” came over you got to sit on the couch or on Christmas day, you were allowed to pose for photos in front of the “perfect” tree.

These days it’s likely you don’t have a living room. If you do, it probably is where piano practice takes place, or the home office area, or it’s the spot for non TV related activities like homework or family game night.

Your home has to work for all the aspects of your life. Extended family, pets, even the hobby or current art project included.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful too.

In fact, I’m on a mission to show everyone how you can have a home you love, with possessions that are dear to you and that you will truly enjoy.

Ready to ditch picture perfect and embrace lovely and live-able?

Did you decide beautiful was for after the kids moved out?

Not to be dramatic but this is your life! Let me show you how to bring order and beauty to the chaos. It’s easier than you think.