What Are Your Color Memories?

spectrum-wheel-made-of-bricks-rainbow-color-spectrum-grunge-background-squa_zJ9b-6c__Lwritten by Gail Adkins

Have you ever thought about the colors in your childhood home(s)? What colors did your mother or dad wear? Did you grow up in the north, south, southwest or anywhere where light influences how we perceive color?

Do you remember colors that made you smile or some that made you uneasy?

If you haven’t thought about this, give it some think time. If you have, then you know exactly where I’m going with this…

Is your present home reflecting your past take on colors? Or have your preferences changed as you made your way to your present abode?

Here’s what I discovered when I wrapped my head around this one.

The home where I grew up in central Florida was a riot of color. Red background for tropical flower-print drapes, green carpet with yellow accent rug on top in the living room; green walls and terra cotta floor tiles in the Florida room; blue walls in the dining room and my bedroom; red-ish/orange-ish walls in the kitchen.

Sounds weird, doesn’t it?

It’s no wonder my mother always – and I mean always – wore brown and beige. Talk about groundedness… And, to top it all off, the colors and the furniture arrangements never changed during the 28 or so years she lived in that house. I guess her brown and beige clothing kept her grounded enough so that she maintained the status quo in her surroundings.

Interestingly enough, when she sold the family home and moved on with her life after my dad died, her clothing colors became more bright and her surroundings maintained a surprising neutrality.

Did my 18 years of living in a colorful home amidst furnishings and accessories that never changed places have anything to do with how I dress and how I relish changing my surroundings now? You bet!

I’m me, not my mother.

How about your surroundings? Are you still living under the influence of your childhood color memories or have you completely broken the mold? Have you successfully and happily merged your childhood color memories with the colors you adore and make you happy today?

There are so many aspects of color to consider as our lives and interiors evolve, particularly from a feng shui perspective. Colors are associated with the five elements and we are naturally seeking balance and harmony in our environments as we make our color choices.

What are you color memories telling you?

Is it the story you’re living now, or are they from the past?

I write about energy and feelings as it relates to design a lot. That’s because the only thing design is meant to do is evoke the desired feelings you want for yourself and your family.

How are things feeling at your home?