One Day Changes to Refresh One Room

written by Gail Adkins

HighRoomPerspectivceYou only have one day to make one change in one room and you only have one small budget to get it done fast.

What’s your favorite solution?

1. Replace an old, tired lamp with a new one.
2. Replace old, tired lamp shades. Be sure to take your lamps with you to the lamp store so you’ll get a perfect fit the first time. You don’t need to waste time on making last minute exchanges or returns.
3. Simply move existing lamps to a new location. Those living room lamps might look stunning in the bedroom. Who knew?
4. Refresh your color scheme with new pillows. They come in all shapes, sizes and patterns and prices.
5. Change your focal point with an interesting or unexpected accent piece.
6. Shuffle your accessories on bookshelves and, while you’re at it, eliminate fifty percent of whatever was occupying that space. Do you really like to dust?
7. Take down all your wall art and rearrange it. If you have a lot, leave some out this time around. You can always put it back later.
8. And then, there’s always the new paint solution. If you’ve done this quickly and easily in the past and if you have a steady hand, go for it. Otherwise, hire a professional. You’ll save yourself a ton of grief and aggravation. And, that’s not what we need when we’re looking for stress-free, one-day solutions.
Each room presents a new opportunity for fast and easy changes. Just to give your imagination a boost, try standing on a ladder and looking down into your room. Or lie on the floor and look up. You’d be surprised what a different perspective can do to generate those creative juices!

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