From Blah to Beautiful!

ChairBeforeAfterWritten by Gail Adkins

I almost made a boo-boo this week. I was just about to give away a decent, but shabby (and according to my husband) very comfortable small scale wingback chair.

The chair made it to the back of my Jeep when the giveaway idea was squelched in favor of  reupholstering. I picked out a dark blue indestructible fabric that’s supposed to last forever and repel just about any stain-causing spill. This was important since a lot of snacking takes place in that chair.
It was a win-win. My husband got to keep his go-to chair for watching TV and I got to pick out the perfect fabric color for the room!

Was I being sneaky? Was my deep-down motive to get another piece of furniture? Maybe yes, maybe no. At any rate, the whole situation inspired this post.

Before tossing perfectly good chairs or sofas, consider reupholstering. Reupholster pros do more than just re-cover a piece of furniture. They can add new springs and new foam for cushions, repair and strengthen frames, repair and re-stain wood, glue loose joints, and even reshape chair backs and arms to give an entirely new look.

Reupholstering is just another way to refresh your favorite pieces for comfort and style and keep the whole family happy. And, reupholster pros have been around far longer than IKEA hackers. I guess you could call them the first furniture hackers.

If you have a piece that you’re being wishy-washy about, let me know. Together we can look at it and decide whether to toss, donate or reupholster.