Feng Shui


Ancient Chinese scholars understood how the energies of spaces affected us. They developed a way to balance these opposing energies in their surroundings and a way to apply their wisdom to everyday situations. They called this practice Feng Shui – a way of organizing living spaces to take advantage of positive energy flow.

Recall times when you’ve entered a home or building and thought how comfortable it felt to be there. It could have been a small room in a cottage or an atrium in a skyscraper. There was something about the space that just “felt right”. On the contrary, you may also recall homes or buildings you’ve entered that made you feel so uncomfortable that you left at the first opportunity!

Principles of this age-old discipline are just as effective as they were in ancient China. This doesn’t mean you have to fill your home with Asian décor. No matter what your personal decorating style is, using Feng Shui principles will nurture feelings of harmony, balance, and peace in your home or office.

Feng Shui Consultation

For years, I have used the time-honored principles of feng shui in my décor practice with the intention of showing you the best ways to bring comfort, harmony, balance and order to your surroundings.

If you desire a feng shui only consultation, I’ll send you an extensive questionnaire prior to our scheduled visit so that we’ll know the areas of your life and your home that most concern you. There is a consultation fee only for this service.

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