Everything Is Energy Home Design

Written by Gail Adkins 
MermaidA few weeks ago I went to the Franklin Art walk with Malissa and friends. I loved the chance to check out new artists (well new to me anyway) and decided to take in all of it for what it is. I like when something appeals to me visually, but even more I like when it makes me stop and think.

What did the artist intend? Why did they choose this subject? How did they choose to interpret it and make it real?

I’m not an expert but as the saying goes “I know what I like when I see it.” And often, even when it’s not a piece that I find beautiful in a traditional sense, I can appreciate the energy the artist put into the work and how it translates into the finished piece.

It’s like that with your home too.

There’s an energy (intentional or not) that comes from the way you create the spaces where you live and work. And that energy either supports you or it drains you. It’s not something you have to believe in.

It just is.

Have you ever walked into a store and paid attention to the way it made you feel? Try it as you are out running errands.

It’s not an accident that places of worship are designed to inspire reverence and awe. Your favorite coffee shop? Planned so that it hums with energy. An upscale department store? It’s layout is meant to appeal to all of your senses.

It’s hard for us to walk into our home and see and feel the energy because it’s so common to us. We’re used to it. We don’t think about how the energy of clutter makes us anxious, for example, we just think that walking into the spare room with all the junk makes us anxious because we’ve put off cleaning it up.

How do you want your home to feel?

I’m asking that more and more? Because everything IS energy.

If you’re not “feeling” it at your home, let’s chat. Your living spaces can fill you up and be the haven that helps you be your best.

It’s not art. It’s energy.

The purpose of art is washing the daily dust off our souls. – Pablo PIcasso

Photo by Gail Adkins, Artist, Emily Allison at Gallery 202 in Franklin TN