Do you know How to Hygge?

A determined pursuit of happiness doesn’t necessarily lead to well-being. At the heart of Danish life and at the core of hygge is the deeper stability of contentment.” – Louisa Thomsen Britts


Do you know how to Hygge?

I’ll bet you do and you didn’t even know you were doing it!

The concept of Hygge, pronounced HOO-gah, is all about comfort, warmth, coziness and harmony. Hygee is brought to us from the Danes, who certainly ought to know a thing or two about staying warm. After all, they’ve embraced the concept for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

We can see the trend – which was identified as a trend in the US a good two-three years ago – by the prevalence and marketing of lush textures such as furry or knitted pillows, rugs, throws, textiles, scarves, hats, coats – you name it! 

AND by the abundance of all shapes and sizes and aromas of candles on the market

AND by the endless variation on the theme of comfort foods – hearty soups and porridges, freshly baked bread, spiced teas and warm lattes

AND by the sight of those furry ankle-low and thigh-high boots in all kinds of fashion media!

You get the picture. The list is never ending! 

Look around your home. Where are your comfort zones? Where do you land when you just need to curl up and relax? (OK, tubs do the trick for some of you.) What are your comfort foods and clothing?

For do-it-yourself hygge, check out the 20 plus books available at your favorite book source. Of course, there’s always sources from the internet. To really get that hygge feeling, it’s easier to curl up with a good book than to balance a laptop on your knees and snuggle in a warm blanket at the same time – just sayin’…)

You can embrace this comforting concept in all design and décor styles, in winter or summer and in any area of the country. There’s always a way to find or create your own “feel good” space.

If you haven’t found your perfect spot yet, Change Magic will help you discover it. You may have all the ingredients and they only need to be happily blended.

Embrace the hyggelig trend now and share your warmth with friends! Doesn’t it make you sorta want to smile and sit down with a hot toddy?

PS…. Hygge does NOT mean adding a ton of pillows and throws to your sofas. That’s called “clutter” and that’s a concept that’s anything but comforting!

Be kind to yourself and those around you. Have a hygge day. – Sofie Pederson