The single biggest feedback I get from clients is about how this process made them feel. Our spaces impact our mood, our relationships and our productivity. How do you want to feel at home? Calm, serene, relaxed? Maybe you dream of simplicity and function. Or you might want to feel pampered, safe and cozy. There’s no right or wrong. Feelings just are.

My goal is to make you feel exactly the way
you want to feel when you walk into your space.

It’s possible to feel just right – and the first step is scheduling your consultation.

The Change Magic Consultation

Here’s how it works. We’ll talk by phone and I’ll email you some info before we meet in person. That way, I’ll know what you’re looking to accomplish and a few of the things that are most important to you. It also insures that our 2+ hour consultation time is used to get as much done as possible.

I’ll leave you with a short to-do list and my own follow up list so we can each do our part to keep things on track. You can email or text me with questions (or pictures and notes) as you continue to make progress.

When you’re ready – usually 2-3 weeks later, I’ll come by for a final in home visit for any tweaking or changes. Your consultation covers both visits and our in-between communication. Simple and easy.

Call today to get your session scheduled!

 Consultation FAQ’s

Q – I’m not great at design – how much do I need to know?

A – Don’t stress about the design part. Focus on what you do know, what’s YOU and what you like! I can take it from there.

Q – I have so much stuff I don’t know where to start and I don’t seem to be able to part with any of it. Is it possible to use it all?

A – I can’t promise everything you’ve accumulated can be used, but I can promise you that my approach will honor the things you love, and the sentiment behind them. My goal is to make you happy using what works and making it okay to part with a few things that no longer serve you.

Q – I want to start all over. I don’t think I have anything I like but I’m not able to buy everything new. How can I start making changes on my budget?

A – You are not alone. We’ve all wanted (and needed) a fresh start now and then. My goal is to help you determine what is most important and what can still work for you. Often, clients realize that one or two changes can be the spark to a new and fresh approach without pitching everything and starting from scratch.

Q – I have so many ideas I bounce from this to that and it shows. My house looks like a mish-mash and now nothing seems to work. How can I decide on one thing and not get bored or tired of it?

A – Your desire to change or try new things probably means that your space just isn’t fitting your life. My consultation services will help you find what works for the person you are and the lifestyle you have right now. My guess is that you have lovely things that will work for you if we can just focus on how you want to feel when you are home.


Remodeling and Home Design