gailadkins080910042r copyA great house with beautiful things makes a home you will appreciate. A magical home is a dwelling with an extra twist of personality and grace. It becomes a space that flows and expresses who you truly are.

That’s the Change-Magic difference. I’m Gail Adkins and I’ve been working with clients just like you who want a home that reflects all the different elements of their family. I’m here to help you identify the furniture, home accessories and other possessions you absolutely adore. We’ll also gently release the “stuff” that’s collecting dust or no longer fits.

Like clothes and shoes, the things we like and need change over time. The spirit of good design means you can keep what you love and make it work in the best version of your home as you live today.

I can help you discover your own style and simplify as much as possible. Together we can tackle things like colors, arrangement and practical uses for all the things your home needs and combine all the things you love.

Ready for some Change-Magic at your house? Call or contact today to set up your consultation!

headshot_resizedI began Change Magic long before I moved to the Nashville area. With the good fortune of opportunities to live in the Far East, Central America, and several states, my early attraction to design, and exposure to different cultures broadened my perspective for creating harmonious, balanced and comfortable living spaces.

In addition to a BA degree I studied interior design and became a certified feng shui practitioner. Along the way I had the opportunity to direct public relations and marketing for the tourism industry in Florida, mainly at an historic site and a beautiful botanical gardens. With each move I expanded my love of fine arts and interior décor.

When I’m not working, you’ll likely find me enjoying the outdoors or planning my next get away. I love to travel with family and friends all over the US. I’m lucky I get to go to beautiful places now and then.

It’s a good thing my husband and two dogs love and support me and my love for change, since on any given day I’m likely to rearrange the furniture or add a new piece of art to that spot that just needed a little “something.”

“Anything that has real and lasting value is always a gift from within.”  — Franz Kafka




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