10 Kitchen Changes To Keep Energy Flowing

KitchenIt’s summertime – FINALLY – and time to lighten up. One of the most visible rooms to lighten up and make space for easy energy flow is your kitchen.

After all, we need lots of space for all that salad making, vegetable chopping, cool drink creating, and picnic preparing. Wipe down the counter-tops, run that disposal, and send the heavy duty bar-b-que fixin’s outside for your favorite outdoor chef to deal with the hot stuff.

Check out these quick kitchen changes and make the summer livin’ a lot easier. You deserve it!

1 Clear everything off counter-tops. Clean and put back only those things you use daily. You’ll find a place for what’s not necessary on a daily basis. Yes, you will.

2 Look for duplicates, triplicates and more. Pack extras away, or better yet, donate to your favorite donation center.

Too much Tupperware and the like? Purge it now. You know how easily it accumulates. So, you know how easy it is to find more when you need it, right?

4 Check outdated opened and unopened cans and packages. Toss outdated items and give away the exotic pickled vegetables. Chances are, you forgot why you ever bought them and you won’t be eating them any time soon. (This goes for outdated vitamins and other supplements.)

5 Do you need twenty odd mugs and ten to-go cups? Really?

6 Are placemats, dishtowels and rags frayed, worn and hopelessly soiled? Trim and deep-clean them if this’ll make you happy. Better to pass them on to a re-use store if they’re reusable. Make yourself smile and replace them with new ones. They’re inexpensive, after all.

Chipped and cracked china, pottery and crystal is unsightly and even dangerously unsanitary. Yuk! They never really get clean and you surely don’t want to cut yourself. I know it’s hard to get rid of a treasure. But, a broken or marred treasure is no longer useful.

Tops of cabinets — talk about sticky dust! When was the last time you put those sticky silk plants in the shower? Think about all those sticky critters that can stick to those sticky little leaves… Real plants create real energy. Unreal ones create dust!

9 If you think you don’t have enough cabinet/pantry space for your “stuff”, chances are, you have too much “stuff”.

10 The refrigerator and those magnets…Why? Take everything off and let it breathe! A message board, maybe half chalk, half cork or magnetic will do just fine in another area. If you can’t think of an area, you can be darn sure I can!

Ahhhh, isn’t that better? Grab a glass of your favorite iced beverage, put your feet up and enjoy!