Explore new ways to express harmony, comfort and a sense of sanctuary in your own living and work spaces. Gail Adkins provides tips and information to help you rev up your creative juices and jump start the changes you want to make.

After helping home-owners for more than thirty years, I can assure you I’ve seen it all. The blank slate, the cluttered home with two sets of everything and the never unpacked, just moved in look. Rather than jumping in and buying new or pitching everything – it’s best to take a planned approach so you end up keeping the things you truly love (and loving them even more) and easily transitioning away from things that aren’t working for you.

The single biggest hurdle to making changes? Getting started!

I know how to gently provide you with the confidence to embrace new ideas, guide you to release what you don’t need, and work with you to pull it all together. That’s my special blend of magic.


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